• Hannah Prince

ICWH | P2 The Future of E-Commerce driven by 3D and AR, by the startup paving the way...| with Flair

Welcome to part 2 of the Flair interview...

If you haven't already, please watch Part 1 before jumping into the second half!

In this two-part series, Hannah is joined by the founder and lead team of the pioneering e-commerce platform Flair.

Flair is an ecosystem for fashion graduates and emerging designers. This innovative startup aims to bring emphasis to storytelling through technology in a marketplace environment. To coincide with their launch later this month, Hannah and the Flair team will be discussing two core areas, how they’re implementing AR into the consumer experience and why they built an ecosystem of services to enable emerging designers.

In addition to her work at Techstyler, Hannah has been working alongside founder Mouhannad Al-Sayegh to develop the platform. As a fashion graduate herself, Hannah has used her knowledge in design to help bring the platform to life.

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For more information on the Flair platform follow @flair.fashionofficial on Instagram. If you'd like to contact the Flair team you can email them using this address contact@flair.fashion. The website is coming soon!