• Hannah Prince

In conversation with Hannah | "Do we need to buy physical fashion anymore?" with Costas Kazantzis

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Hello everyone, Hannah here! Welcome to the first episode of the In Conversation with Hannah series. Today I'll be talking with Costas Kazantzis, a 3D designer at the Fashion Innovation Agency and Associate Lecturer at London College of Fashion.

Costas is focused on finding innovative ways to engage with audiences within the fashion and contemporary art ecology. I’ll be talking with Costas about the tools he used to create these amazing experiential and multi-sensory environments, as well as how he uses these new technologies and media within his work.

With each episode of #ICWH the interviewee and I will be discussing an umbrella topic, this weeks question is: Do we need to buy physical fashion anymore?’ As a creative who works towards a future where the digital and physical realms of fashion work together synonymously, I think it goes without saying that it’ll be interesting to hear his thoughts and opinions on this topic.

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