• Brooke Roberts-Islam

Raw talent, polished just so at Central Saint Martins MA Fashion show

Hello to the dreamers and freaks. To singular vision, lawless ‘taste’ and committed, distilled design. For everyone in the room who was once a fashion student, this show probably took them back to that time. I know it did me. It’s difficult to comment beyond the point that something about much of the work in this show felt like the work of students with unbridled creativity and devotion to their ideas – almost religious in its nature – and that was what made it moving. It’s then that I realised what sometimes is lost in the rigour, perfection, slickness and ‘professional’ outcome of some student collections.

I thought about how sometimes dramatic, oversized swampy shapes perfectly pattern cut can pass without impression, washing over us pleasantly enough but leaving no impression behind. These collections had a rawness that left a lovely aesthetic and creative grit in their wake. Enjoy the religious offerings of the MA Fashion Central Saint Martins students, 2017. As judge Iain R. Webb, Fashion Features Editor-at-Large at Rollacoaster magazine and Professor of Fashion and Design at Kingston School of Art said in his closing remarks before announcing the winners of the L’Oreal Preofessional Creative award, which went to Stefan Cooke and Gabriele Skucas, “these are clothes created by individuals, for individuals”. Fashion is about self-expression and we all want to be heard.

Students in the MA Fashion Central Saint Martins Show, 2017:

Markus Wernitzig, Robert Wallace, Emma Chopova/Laura Lowena, Li Gong, Johannes Boehl Cronau, Amir Khorasany, Stefan Cooke, Peter Movrin, Joshua Walters, Gabriella Sardeña, Qiying Fang, Gabriele Skucas, Oliver Thame, Tim Guy, Robert Sanders and Joshua Beaty.

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