• Hannah Prince

Techstyler announces ...new YouTube series 'In conversation with Hannah'

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

After 5 years as a blog, Techstyler is now evolving into a publishing platform for emerging talents in the fashion and technology industries. Up-and-coming designers and journalists will delve into sustainability and technology through conversations with peers and pioneers. In this first announcement, Hannah Prince joins Techstyler for her new youtube series In Conversation with Hannah, where she will share insights and first-hand experiences of how digital technologies are reshaping the fashion industry, and how the next generation of talents can adopt and explore these solutions themselves. Hannah is a pioneer in her own right, graduating from a BA Fashion degree this year with a digital menswear collection which she launched in a video game on Twitch. Part of a cohort of fashion designers committed to new design methods with inherent sustainability, she will speak with creatives and technologists from whom we can learn and expand our practice, and better understand how the fashion industry is changing. Subscribe and stay tuned - In Conversation With Hannah launches on the last Sunday of every month at 5pm BST, and Hannah will live here on youtube for a Q&A from 5-6pm on launch days.