• Brooke Roberts-Islam

Techstyler + Conservation X Labs: Unearthing fashion's innovative microplastic solutions

Techstyler is proud to partner with Conservation X Labs to host debate and discussions on innovations that could help solve fashion's microplastic pollution problem. Aimed at fashion industry members, fashion students and recent graduates, and materials and technology innovators, our talks with leading innovators, designers and startups will inspire and inform listeners of current and future microplastic solutions. To receive the full schedule of our upcoming fireside chats with industry experts, articles outlining fundamental microplastic problems and potential solutions, and our panel discussion with innovation and brand experts, sign up here.

Alongside this, Conservation X Labs has launched The Microfiber Innovation Challenge - a global competition awarding $650,000 in prizes for transformative solutions to address microfiber pollution. The prize is open until June 25th, 2021 for submissions from designers, brands, materials companies, technology providers and more, as long as they meet one of the two following criteria.

The proposed solution should be at or beyond the prototype stage and should either:

Replace textiles made of plastic microfibers with non-toxic alternatives that biodegrade in natural environments;


Prevent plastic microfiber shedding through the development of improved textile manufacturing processes (e.g. weaving, treatments, etc).

For more information about The Microfiber Innovation Challenge, visit Conservation X Labs.

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